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High-end regional art assembled at Newport gallery

Newport Mercury  /  April 10, 2018

“Juxtaposition,” the latest exhibit at Jessica Hagen Fine Art + Design, aptly demonstrates what the eponymous gallerist does best: The show collects a half-dozen artists working in painting, sculpture and photography. During my visit on a chilly Tuesday afternoon, Hagen chimed agreeably to my suggestion that the exhibit was a “sampler” of the gallery’s roster.


Woodstock photographer's works speak to a generation

Newport Daily News  /  July 28, 2017

MIDDLETOWN — Photographer Elliott Landy brought it all back home for his listeners Friday as he talked about the anti-Vietnam War protests, the pro-choice demonstrations, and the rock stars and bands of the late 1960s, illustrating his narratives with the photos he shot at so many of those scenes.


The Woodstock photographer who preserved Dylan's grin

Newport Mercury  /  July 25, 2017

As your typical millennial whelp, I wasn’t familiar with the work of Elliott Landy — the official photographer of the Woodstock Festival in 1969. So luck was not on my side when I tried arranging an interview with the famed photographer earlier this month. He was in traveling in France, photographing models (of course).


Moments in time: Photographer who captured Woodstock Music Festival will share insights at antiques show

Newport Daily News  /  July 16, 2017

NEWPORT — Elliott Landy knew the Woodstock Music Festival would be big, really big. Joan Baez, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Sly and the Family Stone were part of the star-studded lineup, after all, for the three-day gathering in the summer of ’69.


Private eye: Photographer who rarely shows her work goes public at Newport gallery

Newport Mercury  /  July 4, 2017

Macaroni penguins joined the zoo. A man mistook a body in a pond for someone drowning and jumped in to save it. A castle is scheduled for $6 million in renovations. A dog named Nike went missing.


Music to your eyes: Audio and visual join forces for gallery opening

Newport Mercury  /  April 11, 2017

A trombone howls, pulling noise into the present. The high notes squeal momentarily before retreating into a rocking wave of reverb. Musician Benjamin Lanz crouches down to adjust the pedals at his feet and refine the ripples. He’s wearing patterned pants and Nike trainers with a floral motif — splashes of color to contrast the dour bath of sound pouring from a family of amps and sourced from a laptop.


Acclaimed Contemporary Artist Hunt Slonem at Jessica Hagen Fine Art + Design  /  July 8, 2016

Newport's collectors and art patrons turned out for a special viewing of  artist Hunt Slonem at Jessica Hagen Gallery.  Mr. Slonem is an American painter and sculptor best known for his Neo- Expressionistpaintings of bunnies, birds and butterflies. He maintains a large studio in Brooklyn, New York filled with his paintings and sculpture, an impressive collection of antiques and fifty-plus birds who provide him constant inspiration.