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What Really Matters Is What Matters

Love. When it comes to art, I love it. I went to school to study painting and I design and make jewelry. I help artists as their representative to collectors and curators. Sometimes, I'm their coach and cheerleader. It is more than just a job, because that would mean I could quit and do something else. How do you quit being who you are? Art connects everything that matters in my life. I’m the mother of two incredible children, now 12 and 14. Raising them in the presence of art has been instrumental in helping shape them into thoughtful, creative and open minded people. Being their mother is for me the ultimate creative endeavor and love is at the heart of it.

Anything that comes from a place of love has the power to heal, nourish, and restore hope. This is both an issue of faith and personal experience for me. Insisting on art in my home has created touchstones for love and grounds me during times when the world seems upside down. Collecting art is not just about hanging a picture on the wall, it's about building relationships in the context of encouraging self expression. The old adage "Be Yourself" is the motivation behind every work of art; it takes courage and commitment. And that is a great way to live our lives.

Posted on November 12, 2015 .