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The Artist's Studio

The artist’s studio: part think-tank, church, laboratory, sanctuary, factory and depending on the day, torture chamber. As an art dealer, I visit the studios of the artists that I represent. Aside from helping my clients, studio visits are the absolute best part of my job. It’s a privilege being allowed into the inner sanctum of someone’s creativity. An artist’s studio is a very personal space and being inside is like walking around their soul. It’s all there- what influences and inspires them- from music to special objects, as well as their works in progress, tools and supplies and triumphs and failures. It takes courage to be an artist. It’s a career where rejection is part of the deal; paintings don’t always sell, sculptures remain on the pedestals or the latest and greatest idea falls flat… But in spite of that reality, artists press on. They head into the studio again, where it’s safe to wear their hearts on their sleeves and try new things, not always knowing the outcome. This kind of bravery is endlessly awe-inspiring to me and I admire every artist that I represent. Pictured here are several of their studios. I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did visiting them.

Posted on December 5, 2015 .